Dalmacija Sydney Croatian Club Story

Dalmacija Sydney Croatian Club was officially opened at its current premises at 16 Myoora Road, Terrey Hills in 1989. 


The history of the club dates back to 1967 when a group of Croatian immigrants congregated together with a single passion to establish a unified community that would celebrate the beautiful qualities of their Croatian culture. The original members were from the local area of Willoughby/Chatswood in Sydney with their origins mainly from the island of Korcula on the Dalmatian Coast, in particular from the town of Blato. The club held community dances monthly at Chatswood Town Hall and in addition organised picnics and other social events. As the community grew there was a need to have their own facilities and as a result in the mid 1970's the club made its first property acquisition with the purchase of a house in Baldry Street, Chatswood. Some time later and with the communities needs constantly growing it was decided that this property be sold for something much bigger.


Thanks to some great foresight from long standing foundation members the blue ribbon site at Terrey Hills as we know it today was purchased in 1983. 


Dalmacija Sydney was constructed in three stages, beginning with the bistro and bocce areas and then followed by the main Auditorium and Restaurant. This culminated with the club reaching a few milestones with the first being granted its liquor licence and the second being the official opening by the Governor General on the 15th December 1989. 


The Club also operates a football club, "Willoughby Dalleys Football Club", which is a member club of the Northern Suburbs Football Association who administers football in the northern suburbs region of Sydney. The football club is also a proud member of the Croatian Soccer Association of Australia & New Zealand and is affiliated as "Dalmacija Sydney", and participates yearly in the Annual Croatian-Australian Soccer Tournaments.


Over the years, the Club has also preserved a rich folkloric tradition from Blato on the island of Korcula. The "Kumpanjija" is a combatant dance and is passed down from generation to generation and is performed annually on "Blatka Noc". It is a men's play with swords and represents the old Blato army defending its birth place. The knights of the "Kumpanjija" follow their "Kapetan" attentively who gives commands by sharp hand movements whilst performing difficult figures which demand great physical strength and skill. The knights go up one after the other accompanied by the drumming of the old drums and the distinctive music from the bag pipes "Misnjice". The dance ends with individuals sword duels concluding with another folkloric tradition, "Tanac".


With a proud local heritage that now extends almost five decades, our love for Dalmatian cuisine, wines and culture has resulted in the establishment of a venue that aims to bring the warmth, texture and purity of the southern coastline of Croatia to all Australians.



'Dalmacija'.....the pearl of the Adriatic!  


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